This damn thing is ridiculous. I’ve had 3 violations in a yr. The first was my fault, blew a .03 the first week I had it. Never drank after that in fear of going back to court. The second was 6 months later, I blew and it failed. I apparently waited 21min and passed when the limit is 15min, another 6months. The third was 5months later at work. I blew it failed, waited the 5min blew again and failed. Blew the third time after a mandatory 15min lockout and passed, time, 23min. Guess what another 6months. My case was closed 3months prior to this third violation, I have my license with ZERO restrictions. I can drive any car, with anyone, any where, with no legal problems but still have to have this damn thing on.

I decided to take a day trip to the beach which is 2hrs away. I passed every roll test and every start up test. After about 4hrs at the beach I decided to call it quits. As I got closer to my car, all I could here is beeping coming from the inside. I got to the car looked at the device and it was beeping/flashing saying retest violation. Called draeger and they said to disconnect the interlock. Nothing, it was still beeping, now just coming from under the dash board. Called back again, this time they said disconnect the battery terminal. Once again Nothing, still beeping. I decided to disconnect the battery terminal again but this time for about 5min. FINALLY it reset and I was able to blow and get my ass home.

I got home 2 hrs later and blew like 6 times on the way, I passed every one of them. I got home ate dinner and went back out to my car, probably took 30mins to eat. When I got into the car I noticed it was still saying drive safely, no warm up, no ready to blow message, my keys weren’t even in the ignition yet. I started the car WITHOUT having to blow!! Later that night, probably 2hrs later, I went back to my car and it was saying RETEST VIOLATION again!! Beeping/Flashing not allowing me to do anything. I couldn’t start my car, I couldn’t blow into it, I couldn’t do anything.