I have not drank since the night of my DUI. I got my interlock installed during my statutory suspension period. I was hoping that I would only need this thing during that 6 month period because I HATE this machine! I have problems with it every single time I drive! I have been stranded, been late to work and been absolutely humiliated! Yes, I frickin’ know it is MY fault and that I should not have been drinking and driving. I would be more than happy to take my punishment and use this thing every dang time I had to drive…..IF it WORKED and was ACCURATE !!!!!
I have had 4 violations and all were sent to the Secretary of State and then I was sent letters for each one stating that I needed to explain why and the circumstances. No problem, because I did nothing wrong…except one of the 4 violations said I had a bac of .196!!!!!!! Which was higher than my DUI! The other 3 were read at 0. I did not have anything to drink or eat, I had simply just gotten off of work, got car started, tried to do the rolling re-test, it kept saying blow longer, blow harder…over and over. I kept running out of breath before it was time to do the suck in part. It was taking forever for it to take. It kept shutting itself off saying re-set. Somehow, I got it started and an hour and a half later, headed home. So, how is it possible to have a 0 reading, start the car, then according to the report, have a .196 bac 46 seconds later???? THEN two minutes later I miraculously had a 0 bac again! I can’t get the vendor to even acknowledge that this thing was faulty on their end. It had to be something I ate or drank…BS! I had a ZERO bac when I started it and had consumed nothing in between!!!
Last week I was convicted and am revoked for 18 months. I am scared to drive. I have not driven since I got the letter about the INACCURATE reading.
I will need to have machine removed when I get the revocation letter, but then when I apply for a restricted driving permit, they will make me re-install it.
I live in a town with no bus service and I certainly can’t afford a cab to work, so I don’t know what I am supposed to do. This is my life we are talking about…I can not have another false reading, for one, if I am trying for a work permit and for another if I EVER want my license back again. This is serious stuff that can mess with my future. I know my mistake but how can I ever move on from it if this machine is such a piece of shit and could ruin my life more than it already is because of my stupid mistake….??
Give me a machine that is accurate and works 100% of the time and I will blow in it for the next 5 years if I have to, just don’t punish me by giving me 18 months of inaccuracy and fails that make me too scared to even drive. I am going to end up losing my job!
I am a first time offender with no criminal history and only a few minor traffic violations in the almost 30 years of my driving. Illinois