Can I just say I feel your pain. My dui was from 2008, but I just delayed driving. I just had the interlock installed a couple of weeks ago with no issues in Virginia. And all of a sudden yesterday I get one. It failed me, and then right after it passed me. Then it passed me again because I had cut the car off and restarted at my destination. I called my asap case manager and advised her of the fail and she said I should be ok since I passed tests after the fact, but I am curious if that info is sent to DMV/Court anyway. I decided to have mine checked by Draeger tomorrow anyway to be sure as I do not drink anymore… I did call their 800 number and they assured me the unit does not malfunction. Odd since their brochure says not to eat 15 minutes prior to using it and to wash your mouth out… Any one have any advice or anything on this?

I get the use of this device, I really do. If it can save lives so be it. But it is very disturbing and bothersome to me when I am not drinking, being very diligent about keeping my mouth clean, and then it fails me.

Also does anyone know if the Draeger XT unit passes I take could actually show BAC levels on a report? This makes me concerned because initially I would drink things like Coke, or things other than water and since the device always said pass, I thought I was good to go. But apparently after reading through other posts, this may not be the case. So disappointed and frustrated with this whole situation…