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I am thinking this is a new law for this year. On her last Monotech appoinment (May 2012) the technician warned her about getting this temporary license in June. However neither the lawyer or DMV would give us info on what was suppose to happen over the phone.

Here is the sequence again – convicted June 9, 2011 – permission to drive from the court and interlock device July 25, 2011.
She was suppose to get a new restricted or temporary license June 9, 2012 – one year from conviction date. The restriction
being I assume completing the month and a half of interlock on her car. July 25, 2012 would then complete one year with Monotech
and then an unrestricted license.

She will try to pass the driving test this week but the DMV is telling her they will not count the time from June 9 until that happens. Meaning she will end up having the interlock on longer then necessary.

It is all a paper work and date thing. The interlock is still on her car and she is still driving it. But this seems to be the way it works now.
And we never got any warning or notice from our lawyer or DMV that any of this was suppose to happen.

I will let you all know how it plays out.