Thanks for the comments Basically the thing we object to is the use of fog lamps in clear weather at night we are trying to get regulations updated
see below have a nice day

Ms. Christy Clarke Premier of B.C Feb 09 2012

as a retired Licensed B.C. M.V. inspector we ask your assistance in Having a order in council put in place to update to the current Motor Vehicle act regulation # 4.11 controlling the installation and use of fog lamps on vehicles .

Reason for the request for update is related to improving highway safety in B.C
the regulations currently do not allow or require the Police to issue citations to people who switch on their vehicle fog lamps and never shut them off, this cause a problem in
the night time when the weather is clear and there are no fog or atmospheric conditions that requires the use of fog lamps and using the fog lamps adds 100% more light for the eyes,s of the approaching motorist, Because the Low beam headlamps are also lit

Please have the following words added to section 4.11.4 which will read as an addition
(A) operators of vehicles may not use fog lamps with low beam beam headlamps during clear weather at night time due to the added light from fog lamps shining into the eyes of oncoming motorists, and or shining into the rear view mirrors or vehicles being followed
Suggested citation fog ignoring the 4.11.4 (A) regulation update $ 75.00

in the U.K and Australia this regulation has been in place for many years

we have been in touch with Motor Vehicle inspection in Victoria and they have referred us to your office

I have attached a copy of the response from the Vehicle inspection office in Victoria

Your attention in this matter will be apreciated