Well, last I saw, here in Ohio it was illegal to have more than 4 white lights on the front of the vehicle-2 low beam headlights, and 2 high beam headlights. “Fog lights”, or “driving lights” as some are calling them now, have to be yellow, or they have to be considered one of the other two, low beam or high beam. And high beams must be turned off when there is oncoming traffic in either direction.

Now, is this enforced? No. In fact, I would say more than half the vehicles on the road are illegal as they come from the new car lot.

This came up back in the 90’s when there was a fad started with license plate frames that had LED ‘chasing’ lights. Some of the LED’s were white, pale yellow (which looked white at a distance), red, and blue. All were illegal, and people were required to remove the offending lights. You saw these then where people had removed all but the brighter yellow, orange, and green, and they looked funny with big gaps, etc.
(You’re not allowed to have red on the front at all, only 2 red in the rear, and no blue anywhere.)

As to DRL overall, the whole idea that one needs to have any lights on at all on a normal day is ludicrous. Again, the law here in Ohio is you must have your lights, including headlights, on one half hour AFTER sunset, and can turn them off one half hour BEFORE sunrise. At those points, normally there is more than enough light to see. The only exceptions is when there is very heavy fog, rain, or snow, limiting visibility. Frankly, if you can’t see another vehicle with no lights on at all, during the day, you shouldn’t be driving, and I don’t see how one could pass the vision test.