Stacey DeLoach

I live in NC, so laws here may be different than CT.

Here it depends on what your limit is. Is your limit a .000 or a .004? (Legally drunk is .08)

Here, they all get downloaded to DMV, but unless the number is incredibly high at starting the car, they probably won’t take action against youi. They pay much more attention to the rolling tests. If the one you are talking about was a rolling test, they may not take action if its a one time thing but if there are a few more they would.

There are tons or reasons the machines will pick up a miniscule amount of alcohol, when you have not been drinking whatsoever. Keep bottled water in your car at all ties and swish anytime you eat *anything in the car. Your false positive could have been from the perfume, and also from a drink or food you had eaten.