Jonathan F Winocour

@ cjlock31 – I had my first false positive yesterday, which scared the h*ll out of me. I made a bad judgement call back in 02-2015, and I accept that it was my responsibility, that I should have taken a cab, I’m a first time DUII offender, and in diversion – and I am completely playing by the rules – Not trying to hide anything, or go around anything, etc, and all of my ” starting the vehicle ” and ” rolling tests ” have passed with no issues, until yesterday. I’m new to this forum, and glad I found it, after what I’ve read by numerous other people regarding IIDs there definitely seems to be an issue with the devices, at least at times.

I have a Lifesaver FC100 installed in my vehicle, that to start my vehicle ( of course ) I have to do a blow test, and then 10 minutes after, a rolling test, and after that, every 30 minutes a rolling test. Where I work, is 8.3 miles from my house, and I have my hardship permit. I live in Oregon so I don’t know about the laws, etc, in CT ……

To make a long story short, yesterday, where I failed the test, the only thing different I did than all the other times where I passed with no problems, is that I didn’t shower. Go figure. Again I’m not trying to play around the rules or anything, and I’m sure I’m going to be questioned as to the fail, but that was the only difference from any other time, is that I didn’t shower. I was running late, so I washed my face and brushed my teeth, etc, and attempted heading into work – and I failed the test which freaked me out like you wouldn’t believe …. well, thinking about it, I’m sure you would believe. After two attempts, with washing my mouth with water, I still failed. So I called a cab to take me to work. Fast forward to today – I showered, keeping in mind about the type of toothpaste I use, and no mouthwash like Listerine, etc, and to make sure about any other body care products – and I passed with flying colors. There was no difference from yesterday and today, except for not showering.

Now, like so many posts I’ve read today on this forum from people that have had false positives, I’m now leary about the device. When it happened yesterday, I immediately called the lifesaver office I had the device installed at and told the person ( whom was the installer ) of what took place and he basically said ” There are so many items, that if you googled it, you’d fine the list so long, that you really have to watch out for what you eat, your body care products, and so on – not to mention what is in your vehicle ” …. I.E. Air Fresheners, or hand sanitizing products, or as you stated, body sprays …… that yes, it will set the device off making for a false positive. Will it be reported? Yes. Will you have to explain what took place ( depending on your situation – meaning if you haven’t been convicted, and are on diversion ) Yes. Again I don’t know about the laws in place in CT, compared to OR, but I will have to explain the failed breath test into the FC100 once the data is downloaded in June of this year.

Like so many other posts that I have read, I am getting a home breathilizer unit that meets up to OR standards which is at 0.025 – to self test before getting into my vehicle. If, for any reason, and again I’m not trying to get around any rules, and I am doing what I’m supposed to do, if my home unit shows anything above, say, 0.011 – I will take a cab to work, and get a ride home. The official “dings” on the unit – even if it is a false positive, is not worth the risk, even if you’re playing by the rules.

I’m sorry you encountered a false positive, and would encourage you to get a home breathilizer unit, just to be on the safe side. Apparently these units ( in general ) are so sensative, that you can receive a false positive for any number of reasons. Foods that you eat, body care products, what’s in your vehicle cab, even gas / etho mix from a vehicle in front of you if you’re stopped behind them for a long period of time with your windows down, and a rolling test pops up and requires you to blow, that you really have to watch out with what you do and the environment you’re in ( Stop and go rush hour traffic, stopping at a gas station to refill, etc ) – that I can now understand why others have gotten anxieties with even starting their vehicles when they haven’t had anything to drink at all for months. Oh, one other thing I’ve read here, is changing out the breathing tubes, and washing them in the dishwasher, or by hand, etc – but make sure there’s no alcohol based agents in your dishwasher detergent or regular dish washing product, that you might use to rinse / clean off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

You’d think in this day and age, that these units should be able to tell the difference of perfume or cologne on a person – or other body care products, versus a person that has been drinking, but apparently that is not the case. Which is already giving me anxieties, and I have 10 months more to go with the unit in my vehicle.

Take care, and good luck …….