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The law does not say ‘Dont Drink’, it says ‘Dont Drink & Drive’

Having an IID in the car does not mean you stop drinking.
Just like getting into an accident does not mean you stop driving.
You just have to be more planned.

Like Bliddy Boh said, you need to understand the BAC math.
It’s very simple math (pls note: these calculations rough and varies based on weight, sex and metabolism)

BAC = NumberOfDrinks x 20
BAC Burned = NumberOfHours x 15
Net BAC = (BAC – BAC Burned)/100

eg: I start drinking at 8 pm, stop at 11 pm, and drink 6 beers (or vodka shots or whisky pegs).
In this case my BAC at 6 am next day morning will be
BAC = 6 x 20 = 120
BAC Burned = 10 x 15 = 150 (since 10 hrs have passed between 8 pm in the night to 6 am in the next morning)
Net BAC = (120 – 150)/100 = -30/100 = -0.03
Net BAC cannot be negative, hence your Net BAC is 0. Congrats.

Buy a breathalyser, it costs around $100.
Do the above excercise ie drinking in the night, calculating your BAC in the morning and double checking it on your breathalyser.
You do it 5-8 times, you’ll understand how much you deviate from the above calculations.
Once you are able to figure it out, go have a party (keeping the calculations in mind)

Agreed that the interlock is there to protect you and others from you, but you can’t let a machine tell you how to live your life.
You need to take control of your life.