lol yea that did sound pretty funny …. the whole blow hum technique trying to explain that to a friend lol they laugh. Well…. I had a successful day following your Advice , first blow passed , second abort , third pass, and so did the 4th and 5th after that my jaw and head started hurting lol so I took the dog for an hour walk and came back and did it again and it passed . Ill practice this weekend and weds Ill take her for her spin to the shop I just want to get there they can always get me started if the car locks up. And Monday is the first visit with the probation officer Im ready to get this started .. Ohhhh did you have to take the DWI class ? I have to go to the bldg on Eastex Freeway for po and dwi class they have me going to dwi from 6pm to 10 pm which is crazy since I wont be driving ….. do you know if they will let me change my hours ? What can I expect in the dwi class ? Well again thank you for your help it certainly does ease my mind , I have been having sleepless nights over all the questions rolling around in my head .

Have a good evening