Good morning, when blowing into the thing, try this…take a deep breath then blow and when it makes the beep signaling to hum try saying who…..ooooooooo in as high pitched tone as you can…the hum part shouldn’t be that difficult. If you’re really having that hard of a time with it I wouoldn’t try driving somewhere with the anticipation of getting there before it asks for a rolling test…sometimes it’ll ask for one in 1-2 mins after the initial test and sometimes it’ll take 15 mins. be careful as you don’t want unnecessary violations, but really it’s not that hard…again, try saying who while blowing and you should have no problems.

As far as the calibration results, you will not get a copy of the results but after a calibration you can contact Smart start and a supervisor will go over any results you wish to discuss.

The IID will NEVER shut your car off once it has been started, but you will rack up violations if you don’t figure out the hum part of the test. After 5 it goes into lockout where you’ll have to contact Smart Start for a code to start it to get it to their shop for calibration (I think that’s how that works, I haven’t even been close to that stage).

I’ve got to get to work but I’ll check in later this afternoon.

Best of luck