Thank you so much Tommy I as referred to you by Bliddy Bo (thank you again Bliddy Bo), and thank you Tommy for finding me …. I will have to have the machine until Sept and I am sure I will have more questions each day . Im going to practice THE TECHNIQUE lol tommorow in my driveway , I have a friend that offered to meet me in a grocery store parking lot (Thank god its close by about a mile ) and Im going to drive my car for the first time on the street after the install feb 27, Pretty pathetic as it sounds , I know but anyway Im supposed to drive and meet them there hopefully I can get there shut it off before the retest and then blo hum from the start and get the car back home the point is to give me back my confidence and drive again with out having one of my panick attacks . Well I know I better get over it quick because I have to bring the car in on march 27, for the first upload on what I have been doing . Do we get a copy too ? The shop is less than 5 min away from where I live I was actually able to get the car home on the first day before the retest Ahhh yes another question when your driving and its time for a retest , your told pull over and when you go to retest say it aborts several times because wrong breathing test … will it shut my engine off ? Tell me your experience with this ….