Hello Lola, I have the same device as you and have never experienced any fails due to eating, smoking, colgne, pumping gas, hand sanitizer, etc… I have read about some of the other devices here and feel confident that the device we have does exactly what it’s supposed to do, which is detect alcohol in your system. I have had one fail and it was accurate…I don’t drink very often anymore and if I do I do not drive my vehicle the following day. I’m awaiting trial and can’t stand the device but am happy to have it in comparison to the others frequently discussed on this forum.

As far as the $10 that is required from DPS it’s because the court you were in has ordered you obtain a restricted license that will have some type of marking on the front of it so if you are pulled over it will alert the cop that you are to be driving a vehicle with the IID. The court handling my case did not order me to obtain a restricted license but I’m sure they look at my calibration report every other month when I take my car in to have it calibrated to make sure I’m driving it regularly.

I’ve only had mine since November but I’ll be happy to help you out in anyway I can.

Best of luck.