@ Bliddy Bo , thank you soooo much for answering me back , I called the tx dept pub safety the lady said license will expire in April, but for now send a letter requesting a restricted license along with $$$$$$$$ of course 10.00 it will be reviewed well seeing that court was over since feb 27 and they are just getting notification that I was ordered to install the interlock I took it upon myself to send them a copy of Occupational license with the start and end date of interlock on my car along with the 10.00 . She said after being reviewed I will receive a letter Ordering a suspension if thats the case File a Sr22 which I did homework and called insurance company , they have it and will cost additional 35.00 added to policy, insurance said I can call the 800 back with out going thrue my agent , also include court order which I guess was the court oder of the Occupational license ???? not sure but I guess include that again because Im sure its going to be mislplaced, it will cost 135, to reinstate dont know why court made me pay 300 for occupational , and another 10.00 for occupational for tx public safety …lol also the sr22 ….. I still have a long way to go before I can EXHALE and put this nightmare behind me . HAving a chat site with people having some of the same questions and fear is reassuring to know Im not alone in this horrible mess i put myself in. The lesson learned is choosing friends and and making right choices , THINK BEFORE WE ACT ! No one in this situation understands until you are in it .