Out here there is no mileage requirement. Some vendors actually have plans that include site visits for ‘calibration’ – basically you can put it in a car on blocks to satisfy the requirement. Of course that means no driving: driving sober without interlock is Class 1 Misdemeanor and dui without is a felony in AZ. Since I have no need to drive I’ll have it transferred to a piece of junk car and basically just bring it in for calibration. Tech at my vendor said one guy brings his car in with a tow truck.

Happy to report that I was able to replace battery this morning. I called support line and they said battery can be disconnected for up to 15 minutes. We did battery swap and car (and interlock) are functioning again. It really pays to call every interlock vendor (and get reviews) to find one that wants you to succeed. We had one ‘false positive’ of .024 on a rolling test and have had a base unit and a handset fail and vendor has been very supportive.