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After more research I have to admit, it was actually my car alarm. I called them and they said its not hooked in to those systems (horn, lights) so it shouldn’t affect them, Honda said connecting a battery shouldn’t set off any alarms. Messing with the alarm button got it to work so I guess Honda was wrong, or theres something in this latest model that’s on the same circuit. Regardless, I’ve got power now.

But I’ve got the ‘No Base’ issue now. Gah this thing is driving me insane. I looked into having it removed and paying out the contract, DPS and my lawyer said it shouldn’t be a problem. But neither were sure if there was fine print somewhere preventing it. I’ve only got 6 months total, and I’m starting my 4th. Honestly its like a babysitting job. I’d rather just disconnect my new battery and park it for 3 months. Only time I drive is to check in. I’d play ball if it wasn’t for the rolling retest and if it accepted input in the first few tries.