Let me see if I got this right. You are on anti-depression and anti-psychotic medications AND you were drinking and driving, yet you are mad at the world because YOU screwed up. Well, I for one don’t feel any sympathy for you. You say you are working towards a criminal justice degree, yet you have little respect for the law. And to wish death on an officer that did nothing but enforce the law like he is paid to do,,, well I feel sorry for your family that has to put up with your crap.

I have had 4 DWI’s the last one in 1998. I blame no one but myself and I finally learned my lesson and I no longer drink ANY alcohol and haven’t in many many years now. I do not blame the law for MY mistakes. I knew good and well (as you do) that drinking and driving is against the law. I took my chances and got busted, a few times. Yes, I had a hard head but I didn’t blame the law for none of them. They were MY responsibility, no one elses. I think God I never hurt anyone with my stupid behaviour.

I suggest you do some serious soul searching and find the reason you want to put blame everywhere EXCEPT where the blame belongs.
I hope you learn something positive from this experience.