There should be a zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Even a couple beers do effect ones ability to drive. This has been proven many times. I myself have seen it first hand with a driving simulator. No one can be consistant after a couple beers. They will always make some mistake. Judgement, reactions and common sense all go out the window when one starts drinking. None thought there would be a problem before trying it, but walked away with a different opinion once they did it.
If people don’t want to get in trouble for drinking and driving, don’t drive after drinking anything with alcohol in it. Is a beer with lunch that important, if you have to drive home afterwards? Have a tea or soda and save the beer for when you get home with nowhere to go until the next morning. Get the mindset that you will not drive anytime you have been drinking and stick to it.
It really isn’t worth the risk involved. Not just the risk of getting caught, but also the risk of crashing and hurting or killing somebody.
Now I know there are other things just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Texting for one is just as bad, in a different way, but just as dangerous all the same. If no one else was put at risk, there would be no problem at all. But the road is shared by others that don’t want to be put at risk by someone elses stupidity.
There is no reason anyone should be on the road after drinking, NONE. Public transportation, taxi, a sober friend/family, etc, etc. No one has to be driving after drinking and no one should get away with it. Zero tolerance is a deterrent that does work for a lot of folks. Not everyone, as some are as stupid as I once was. But for many people that enjoy drinking have the sense to know not to drive at all when they have had alcohol. For those that don’t have that good sense and self control, should be arrested and face the stern penalties.