I think the point of JimmyS1985’s post is that the DUI laws need to be changed. They are much too harsh and have been implemented because of flawed data that was presented. The punishment should fit the crime. From what I read, he knew that he shouldn’t have been driving and has taken responsibility for making that bad decision. Unfortunately, due to the stringent laws he is unable to get a job in his field and feels helpless at this point. In my state they arrest people for DUI when they aren’t driving at all. In DC, they have a zero tolerance policy and criminalize people that are pulled over for a routine traffic violation, like a tail light being out, and arrest them for DUI at a .01 BAC. They are then perceived as criminals, in jeopardy of losing their jobs and face jail time plus fines. Just a few weeks ago my friend was hit by a distracted driver (mother with two children in the car) that ran a stop sign and totaled her car. The police came to the hospital to test my friend’s blood for alcohol, even though the police officer saw the accident and stated in his report that it was not her fault and there was no avoiding the accident. My friend had two beers with dinner and was above the .05 BAC so they are now charging her with a DUI. This will go into their statistics for alcohol related accidents and it was not the cause. The police need to focus on driving impairment instead of BAC levels, this would be more productive in getting bad drivers off of the road because alcohol affects everyone differently. It would also prevent responsible drinkers from being arrested and those that are not driving or planning to drive. They are now criminalizing people for sitting, sleeping, standing beside their vehicles after drinking and when they pull them over for trivial traffic violations.

Rest assured JimmyS1985, this will pass. Maybe you should think about going into politics or becoming a defense lawyer for DUI offenders. Good luck to you, I am trying to change these laws in my state and will be speaking with the state legislators soon. We have recently legalized marijuana and they want to treat it the same as DUI when people are caught driving after consumption. This presents a huge problem for the state and hopefully when they look at the current laws next year some reason will prevail.