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To the State of Georgia, October 1, 2013
I am sending you $200 even though I find it extremely unjust. I already paid you nearly $200 but now you want more. I don’t owe you $200 and you don’t deserve it, but I will pay it because I want to be rid of you. I hope you use this money well, because it was hard earned and it would have been spent on a birthday present for my 1-year-old son. I earned this money slaving away on a construction site, but you can have it to help treat your blessed trauma victims. I’ll just not get my son anything. Oh, well he won’t remember his birthday anyway.
This law is so unjust I wish nothing but ill will on you oh once proud Georgia, the lawmakers that signed such a law, and the people who sit idly by and let this injustice stand. May the wrath of all that is just be upon you from here to eternity. May you be squarely in the sites of every hurricane, may tornadoes level your trailer parks, may earthquakes ravish your land, and may blood flow in the streets of your cities until your repent of this vile law. I only wish Sherman would’ve finished the job back in 1864. Oh how I wish he would’ve burned and pillaged until there was nothing left on the map that was once Georgia but a barren landscape of nothingness.
You lost the war, so get over it. None of us Northerners want a thing to do with your dirty, redneck, racist little mound of crap. We only want to get through it so we can get to Florida. This law is so unjust I shutter to think what our country’s founders would think of it. I will pay my fine although I am guilty of nothing. May the wrath of God rain down on you from now till this law is repealed.