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I need a mechanic to give a statement that the electrical issues in my vehicle were caused by removal of the Intoxalock device (in Cedar County, Iowa)….does anyone have a referral? Here is what happened. I have a strong case if I can find a mechanic who can give me a statement for the judge…
I have a situation in which an Intoxalock Ignition interlock removal caused electrical issues in my vehicle. The device was removed by their contracted service center-XXXXXXX in Tipton, Iowa (Cedar County). I kept very detailed notes and records as they would not take responsibility for any loss. I filled out a damage claim for $1500.00 and received a letter from Consumer Safety Technologies, LLC dba Intoxalock stating that they are not responsible for damages incurred by the service center. This contradicts what their customer service representative told me. Angie, with Intoxalock, on October 2nd at 10:31 am had informed me that I needed to fill out their legal damage claim with indication that XXXXXX (service center) had caused the damages and in turn Intoxalock would pay out and then pursue reimbursement from XXXXX service centers insurance company. Obviously, this is not what happened. I have far more in financial loss than 1500.00 … I lost a potential winter seasonal position doing taxes at H and R Block, mileage, time, etc for over a month while my car continually broke down. It is now fixed and corrected but I would like to seek suit at this point but need a mechanic to give a statement to the fact that it was the service center that caused all the wiring/alternator/electrical issues…