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I have had nothing but issues with this device. I now have had my licensees suspended for 3 years when its all said and done. First and foremost I was an idiot when I was young. Ive learned from my mistakes yet get nailed to the coffin from my judge. I literally drank one night for the first time in year and woke up at 930 am and it read like a .06 2 days prior to getting my license back the judge took them for another 365 Days. Of course they did. They were upset I brought in outside of the county council and so he wanted to make sure that I was being punished to the right degree. 6 months after that I had dinner what have you got in my car blew in it it blew over I was like you gotta be kidding me so I left ’cause I thought I was gonna be in a lockout. I was told by the intox alloc representative that all I had do is wait as long as I pass within 15 minutes it would not be considered a failure. Judge did not see it that way another 365 days without the license also lost them for 30 days no work for privileges. So then I had let my car sit for 30 straight days and of course and talks alot calls me threatens me states that they will have the County call and take my car and my license. When the intoxalock called me said if I did not renew my lease that I was gonna be failed. So I have documented everything and I’ve started to carry a portable breathalyzer because I do not trust this thing one iota. Just last night after I actually saw my lawyer even and told him that I still was not comfortable with this device being accurate I end up blowing a .027 well imma see if Ohio .025 is ok. So then I remembered is long as I blow under in 15 minutes but mind you my portable breathalyzer was poor blowing a .016 the listing blokish 027 enter .026 and then apoio 24 and that was all within 15 minutes come to find out there going to violate me for this. I will fight this to the top because this is nonsense and everyone on this forum is right this company is fraudulent they mess with peoples lives along with the court systems I’m not going to sit around and allow this to happen any longer. If anybody has any advice for me along the lines of it talks a lock and maybe some court cases that came in the favor of defendants please reach out to me as soon as possible I would love to hear your case as well as I noticed earlier somebody’s talked about a class action lawsuit I believe 150% this company is fraudulent and they ensure that you fail that way the court systems get their money