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    • National Motorists Association
      Welcome to the National Motorists Association National Discussion Forums. If you have questions you would like answered outside the Forum, please contact the National Office at nma@motorists.org or 608/849-6000 or 800-882-2785. Please find a topic that is of interest and discuss and comment on that page.
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    • NMA in the News!
      This is the forum to showcase news clippings from around the country. If you find a clipping, please feel free to insert into a comment here!  If you are a reporter, please contact the NMA's National Communications Office at communications@motorists.org or 608/849-6000.
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    • ATE (Automated Traffic Enforcement) Racket Report
      Visit this forum to discuss speed cameras, red-light cameras, street camera surveillance, automatic licence plate readers or ALPR, ERADs, smart meters, smart streetlights, etc. Check out our Facebook Page called ATE Racket Report. If you are working to ban red-light or speed cameras (or any other automated traffic devices or suveillance) from your local area, please consider joining our closed FB group by liking the ATE Racket Report Page. This will give you an automatic invitation to join. The NMA is working to build a national working group on best practices to rid the country of ATE. Also, read our weekly blog ATE RACKET REPORT only on the NMA website.
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    • Car of the Future Watch
      The place to discuss how the future looks with regards to driving and all the technology that is galloping our way.  Technology includes driverless cars, connected cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen cars, flying cars, ridesharing, carsharing and the future of car ownership.
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    • Drunk/Drugged Driving laws and enforcement
      Visit this forum if you would like to discuss in general DUI, DWI, OWI, DUID laws and enforcement. Topics may include individual state laws, breathylzers, blood draws and interlock devices. If you are charged with drunk driving, we highly recommend finding a lawyer that can assist you with this serious charge.
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    • The Problem with Tolls
      Toll roads are as old as transportation itself...Because we cannot figure how to fund infrastructure, an explosion of toll roads (even those roads already built) might be in our future! Discuss tolls here!
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       Shelia at NMA

    • War on Cars
      This forum will feature articles and discussion concerning the ongoing war on cars and the North American motorist. We will showcase cities that are using road diets, traffic calming, Complete Streets and Vision Zero projects and programs. Check out our Facebook Page WAR ON CARS and if you are fighting these types of governmental projects, like this page and you will receive an automatic invite to join our Closed Group called WAR ON CARS. Also, read our weekly WAR ON CARS blog featured only on the NMA website.
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