Universal driver courtesy is an essential ingredient for safer and more pleasant driving experiences. For that reason, the National Motorists Association, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization for motorists, is a leading advocate of Driver Courtesy.

What is Driver Courtesy?

It can be thought of as a golden rule—treat other drivers and road users as you would like to be treated.

The NMA is committed to reinforcing the value of respectful treatment of fellow drivers and all road users with the public. We encourage everyone to practice these important elements of driver courtesy:

Lane Courtesy—Drive Right, Pass Left

         NOT THIS                         THIS

Credit: Ben McLeod/Flickr

 Credit: Flickr                                                                 

Use your Turn Signal

Drive a Steady Speed on the Highway

Don’t Tailgate and learn how to handle tailgaters

Pay Attention at Stoplights—Don’t Multitask

Don’t Text and Drive

Credit: The Howl

Use the Zipper Merge

Credit: Dodona

Move over for Emergency Vehicles

Turn down Bright Lights whenever another Vehicle Approaches

Use Fog Lights only when there’s Fog

Park between the Lines

Credit: Flickr (but not to the Jeep driver)

Yield to the Right at Four-way Stops

Control your Urge to Road Rage

Thank other Road Users who helped you by Waving

You, no doubt, have other examples of driver courtesy. We’d love to hear them. Email us at [email protected].