So far all photo (such as red light and speed camera) enforcement is still illegal in Massachusetts. The only exceptions are toll violations on the Turnpike. (In 2009, Maine became the 14th state to outlaw this practice as dangerous to motorists, while Gov. Patrick authorized their use as revenue enhancement.) It is no secret red-light cameras are a for-profit business. A few cities across America have been caught short-timing their yellow lights below legal levels in what may be an attempt to boost ticket revenues by giving drivers less time to stop. Write your representative you want to keep them out, and here is why:

“Ticket cameras are a cynical means to make money from incompetent and/or unethical traffic management policies.”

BTW, there is no Massachusetts law that says what to do when faced with a yellow. The Driver’s Manual says “a steady yellow light means the traffic signal is changing from green to red. You must stop if it is safe to do so.” This subjective split-second decision to most police means “you must stop no matter what,” while most drivers lean towards “it would be unsafe for me to do so.”

So if you even enter an intersection on yellow and you get charged with a red light violation (MGL 89/9), don’t argue in court that the light was yellow and not red. Instead, convince the judge it would’ve been unsafe for you to stop.