What would you like to prove today?

I wrote recently about choosing evidence to fit a conclusion rather than a conclusion to fit evidence. Christie Aschwanden at 538 wrote a good article on that backwards journey. She called the process “p-hacking,” derived from the term “p-value.” In traditional science published experimental results have to be statistically significant. Did the lab rats die […]

A little knowledge…

A Texas TV station attempting to educate the public has instead misled the public (warning: autoplay video). People in Vidor, Texas thought there were more crashes on I-10 since the speed limit went up. A KBMT investigator checked accident records. There were 130 crashes in 2010 and 180 in 2016, so the crash rate went […]

Driving News Roundup: April 14, 2017

Driving News Roundup: April 14, 2017

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:  –Don’t Link taxes with Infrastructure Warning— –Dallas signs new 7-yr RLC contract— –MN bill curbs traffic fine debts— –KS strikes down driveway taxes— –CA approves $52 million road bill– NMA Driving News Story of the Week Philadelphia Forfeiture Program Lawsuit Advances A federal judge refused to dismiss claims that […]

Working backwards

If you’ve read the news the past few years you might think that all undesirable weather is caused by climate change and all increases in crash rates are caused by distracted driving. These reports mainly offer insight into the people who write them. People who are curious ask, “why did 39 people got run over […]

March, 2017 speed limit news roundup

There is a good amount of speed-related legislative activity this spring. The Arkansas legislature quickly approved HB 2057, intended to raise freeway speed limits to 75 and two lane speed limits to 65. It is unclear if freeway speed limits will actually increase. The Highway Commission already had authority to raise speed limits and did […]