As safe as water

I met the OSHA equivalent of traffic rules recently, detailed yet useless advice meant to shift liability more than protect people. If you want to see what happens when lawyers displace human beings in society, look up the Safety Data Sheet for water. You will learn what to do if your water catches on fire […]

Your immunity has just been revoked

The biggest fringe benefit of a police job is immunity from prosecution. Drunk and reckless driving, no problem. Perjury, that’s “testilying” and everybody does it. Beat up your girlfriend, go outside and cool off. There are limits. If an innocent bystander dies, investigators may take the death halfway seriously. That happened in Connecticut recently. Off-duty […]

Let’s open a bottle of John Adams

A resident of Newton, Massachusetts explained in a public meeting how well the parking system worked for him. When long time residents had a party, police didn’t enforce parking laws. When college students had a party, police towed all the cars away. I shouldn’t pick on just Newton here. The Traffic Council has contempt for […]

Today’s “dumb criminal” award winners

A little advice to people thinking of taking the equipment Pennsylvania police use to measure speed: where there’s a speed trap, there are police. Pennsylvania’s speed trap law requires township police to place equipment by the roadside rather than use radar. Sometimes one of those gadgets is left apparently unattended. But — if you want […]

An expensive moment

She’d had her new car less than two weeks when she had the accident. She drove off with a ticket for failure to yield right of way when the law said she had right of way. I didn’t see the collision, but I got there in time to hear drivers tell their stories and they […]