Not at fault, go to jail anyway

Police in Quincy, Massachusetts are after the driver who was not at fault in a fatal accident. Boston Globe reports. He was driving within the speed limit, through a green light, and hit a pedestrian crossing against the light. It was dark and the pedestrian was wearing dark clothes. Police in Massachusetts don’t normally charge […]

Temporary speed limit turns 50

Did you remember the golden anniversary today? On December 22, 1965 a temporary 70 mile per hour speed limit was imposed on British motorways (= US “freeways”). That speed limit is still in effect. The limit was controversial at the time. Not the 70 mph limit, the existence of a speed limit at all. A […]

What does this sign mean? (Part 1)

Last summer I returned from vacation to find prominent new 35 mph speed limit signs on the exit 14 ramp off the eastbound Massachusetts Turnpike. Curious why speed limits were posted after so many years of just warning signs, I emailed MassDOT asking for the engineering study justifying the speed limit. View Map First a […]

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