Keeping it on the Road

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Most of us would like our vehicles to last a long time — and cost us as little money as possible during that time. Here are a few tips toward that end:

Insurance Savings Accounts?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Let’s accept — for a moment — the core argument that’s typically trotted out in support of forcing people to buy car insurance: You might hurt someone or cause damage to someone else’s property; if you don’t have insurance, these costs will be borne by society.” Therefore, “society” has a […]

Fix it – Or Junk It?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Kids leave the house at 18, Christmas is always December 25th… but when is it time to sell, trade — or junk — your car? It’s a hard question, especially if you like the car. Even more so if it’s been reliable … up to now.

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