Best Time to Buy a Hybrid?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Cheap gas is making hybrids seem like less of a deal. Which in turn is making them harder to sell. Which is tough nuts for those trying to sell them — but could be really good news for you, if you’re thinking seriously about trying to buy one.

Keeping it on the Road

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Most of us would like our vehicles to last a long time — and cost us as little money as possible during that time. Here are a few tips toward that end:

Insurance Savings Accounts?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Let’s accept — for a moment — the core argument that’s typically trotted out in support of forcing people to buy car insurance: You might hurt someone or cause damage to someone else’s property; if you don’t have insurance, these costs will be borne by society.” Therefore, “society” has a […]

Fix it – Or Junk It?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Kids leave the house at 18, Christmas is always December 25th… but when is it time to sell, trade — or junk — your car? It’s a hard question, especially if you like the car. Even more so if it’s been reliable … up to now.

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