What’s in Your Glove Box? (A Photo Essay from Around the World)

On average, we spend an hour and a half behind the wheel on our daily commute. Over time, this equates to almost 10% of our waking day. So, what items do you choose to have with you for the journey?

The items we choose to carry with us tell a story, whether it’s the embarrassing CD that only ever gets played when you’re traveling alone without passengers, or that 6 year old packet of mints only to be used in emergencies.

GoCompare asked 10 photographers from all around the world to open their glove-boxes to the masses. Here’s what they found in this photo essay.

The glove-box was born in the automobile industries infancy. Originally, it was a small shelf for – you guessed it – gloves. Since then, the small space has become a travelling compartment packed with necessities. The glove-box has had many names including glovie, cubby hole and jockey box. Over the years, it has been remade to fit purpose. During the 50s, many glove-boxes were converted into mini bars – just watch James Bond!

As well as the novelty knick-knacks, in some countries you may be legally required to travel with certain items. Many European countries require you to carry safety kits and extra paperwork. The glove-box, therefore, becomes an integral part of a car’s legal requirement.

You’ve seen the contents of these photographer’s glove-boxes – why not have a look at your own to see what oddities you’ve been carrying around?

Crispin Boden-Tebbutt is a marketing executive for GoCompare. He often writes on car products, insurance & safety. Reach him on Twitter.

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