What to do about Tailgaters

I don’t like tailgaters and I seem to encounter them at least three times a week on my daily commute. But what can a driver do about them really? Even though I can’t prove it myself, I think tailgating might just be one of the biggest issues for road rage. I admit, it certainly can set me off.

Wikihow.com has a visual way to show how to deal with tailgaters. Here are some good pointers to consider:

·    Remain calm, turn down the distractions and pay extra attention to your driving.
·    Pull over and allow that fool in the big truck to pass.
·    Practice lane courtesy every time you drive—keep right, pass left.
·    On a straight road with clear sight lines, slow down and let that driver, with five kids who have been trailing you for miles, pass.
·    Maintain a constant speed so the tailgater can pass with ease.
·    Do not drive faster than you feel safe driving.
·    Don’t tap the brakes…bad things can happen if the tailgater is too close.

An aggressive tailgater really just wants to pass you. But a passive tailgater either is a distracted driver (which I encounter nearly daily) or is someone who is just driving too close with no intention of passing. Confused.com recently posted on what is the best thing to do in both situations. Let aggressive tailgaters pass and with passive tailgaters, slow down gradually or pull over so they can just pass you right on by.

Dealing with tailgaters is something that every driver needs to think about before it happens to you.  For me, I think remaining calm and not teaching the other driver a lesson is the best advice.

Don’t become a tailgater yourself either. For one thing, it is dangerous and another…if motorists keep doing this someday, there just might be technology to catch you in the act. We certainly don’t want automated traffic cameras or overhead drones to catch tailgaters in the act.

Here are some other resources for dealing with tailgaters that you might find useful:

Practical Motoring

Sioux Falls, SD Police Department (audio)

YouTube Video from Helpful DIY

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One Response to “What to do about Tailgaters”

  1. Tom McCarey says:

    When I get a tailgater, I put on my left turn signal. They usually back off. If they come back I do it again. They will probably get the idea. It works best on two lane suburban roads.