War on Cars Watch for September 25, 2019

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The War on Cars Watch is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. The War on Cars Watch focuses on road diets, traffic calming and programs such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets as well as studies, court cases, and other news that affect motorists. Special commentary from NMA California Member Michael Jabbra is notated with an MJ: designation. 

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War on Cars Watch Stories of the Week

Louisville judge rules Kentucky speed limit laws unconstitutional –The reason: conflicting speed limit laws.

NYC Firefighters Say Mayor’s Vision Zero Initiative Slowed down Emergency Response Times –The nation’s largest fire department speaks about the long term course of Vision Zero and safety—about time!

National War on Cars Watch Stories

MJ: Thank goodness, I don’t live in a neighborhood that has been wrecked by these pesky tech companies. Naturally, their CEOs don’t live in those neighborhoods impacted by these apps, either. If they did, the apps would be changed very quickly. Another reason why a constantly connected society could be more of a curse than a blessing.

International War on Cars Watch Stories

MJ: Wow, this sounds like a joke, but it isn’t. The New South Wales government must really be desperate for cash. It’s sad that Australia, which started as a roughneck, freewheeling society of British convicts, has now turned into a nation of petty despotism. I bet even Communist China doesn’t care if you have loose change in your car.

MJ: I could have done this study for them—for free. Of course, some good old fashioned rock and roll makes me want to drive fast!! Next up—safety advocates will ban rock music in cars to keep us from driving fast. Won’t someone think of the children?

Regional and Local War on Cars Watch Stories



District of Columbia







New Jersey and New York

New York

MJ: You mean “road diets” designed to obstruct private vehicles might also obstruct ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars, or the ability of residents to evacuate in an emergency? Gosh, how did we urban planners not see that? Oh wait—everybody was supposed to automatically give up their cars, regardless of circumstances, because we urban planners make the driving experience more annoying and automatically blame drivers for every collision between vehicles and pedestrians or cyclists. Then, when Utopia reigns, the only vehicles on the road will be bicycles, delivery trucks, and emergency responders.




MJ: The article didn’t mention Rushing’s motive. Was he under pressure to hand out more citations? Or was he just a twisted weirdo who abused his authority? The Western writer Louis L’Amour said that “An officer who steals is worse than any thief. At least a thief is honest in his intentions.”

Washington State


That’s this week’s War on Car Watch post. If you find a story online about the War on Cars, please feel free to email the URL to me at nma@motorists.org.

Be Safe Out There,

Shelia Dunn

NMA Communications Director

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