War on Cars Watch for September 11, 2019


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The War on Cars Watch is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. The War on Cars Watch focuses on road diets, traffic calming and programs such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets as well as studies, court cases, and other news that affect motorists. Special commentary from NMA California Member Michael Jabbra is notated with an MJ: designation. 

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War on Cars Story of the Week

Climate groups call for SUVs to be banned –a London lawmaker recently made this bold assertion too!

National War on Cars Stories

Driving in America

MJ: I’d say this article is mostly on the mark. Licenses for cycling? Really? On the one hand, it’s a bicycle, not a car – a lot slower, a lot lighter. Forcing bicyclists to get a license sounds way too much like Big Brother. On the other hand, cyclists should be made to face the music when they break the rules of the road – just like drivers. But a specific bicycle license isn’t necessary for that.

Auto and Traffic Safety

MJ: The article mentions the lack of education for bicyclists and the fact that bicyclists learn from each other. Great – so many of them are learning to ride through red lights and stop signs, or to ride on sidewalks, which are for pedestrians. Possibly some cyclist education classes in high schools would help, although this would be hard to incorporate. What we have here is a toxic mix of too many people in cities using too many different forms of transportation to get around. It’s hard to find a good way out of this which will make everybody happy.

International War on Cars Stories

War on Cars Regional and Local Stories


MJ: An e-bike is going be a lot cheaper than a car – even most used cars. With that in mind, e-bikes don’t need to be subsidized. What’s next, subsidizing regular bicycles – or subsidizing walking?

MJ: Distracted walking isn’t a crime on the books, but it isn’t a good idea either. Yes, bright coloring is more noticeable, but it isn’t the job of law enforcement to tell people what to wear.

MJ: This is true in the sense that private companies, large and small alike, are much faster about making decisions than governments. People want what they want. The average citizen is not going to be concerned about how their meals or packages arrive, as long as they come intact and on time. “Mostly wealthy residents” – really? You mean people who aren’t named Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg never order meals or packages?




New Jersey

New York




MJ: This is a good article that explains a law enforcement officer’s viewpoint. It’s true – officers are told over and over that no traffic stop is routine. The officer genuinely doesn’t know what will happen. Hence the officer’s actions – commanding voice, approaching the driver carefully with a hand hovering near a holster, etc. You, the driver, might know that you’re a peaceful citizen – but the officer doesn’t know that. Law enforcement officers aren’t mind readers. Take a minute and think about why that’s a good thing. Assistant Chief Hacrow’s advice at the end of this article is useful for officers and civilians alike.



That’s this week’s War on Car Watch post. If you find a story online about the War on Cars, please feel free to email the URL to me at nma@motorists.org.

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Shelia Dunn

NMA Communications Director


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