War on Cars Watch for October 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: This War on Cars Watch covers two weeks’ worth of headlines from October 2-16, 2019. This is due to the editor’s participation in the Keep LA Moving Conference on October 5th

The War on Cars Watch is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. The War on Cars Watch focuses on road diets, traffic calming and programs such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets as well as studies, court cases, and other news that affect motorists. Special commentary from NMA California Member Michael Jabbra is notated with an MJ: designation. 

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War on Cars Watch Story of the Week

National War on Cars Watch Stories

MJ: Here’s my help to the U.S. government: Stick with the mirrors, and let cameras serve as an auxiliary method. The mirror doesn’t need any power or software to function; it just reflects light. Simplicity itself. If a camera has to be repaired or replaced, the driver has to spend more time and more money. So whose interests are being served here? Hint: not the driver.

Buying a Car in America

International War on Cars Watch Stories

MJ: I love what the German Minister of Transport said: “Whoever wants to drive 120 [km/h] can drive 120, and whoever wants to go faster can do that too. Why this constant micromanagement?” Why indeed? Why can’t American politicians be this sensible?

Local and Regional War on Cars Watch Stories



MJ: People want to drive because a) the mass transit networks don’t get people where they want to go, when they want to go; b) people don’t feel safe on the mass transit networks, and c) if you are hauling cargo (such as a plumber with tools), then holding all the cargo in your hands or putting them in a backpack isn’t practical. When the mass transit advocates start addressing these problems instead of just ranting about terrible people drivers are, then maybe people will be more interested in mass transit. Shrieking about carbon emissions doesn’t address concerns a), b), or c).



District of Columbia (and area)






New York



Rhode Island


MJ: Civil asset forfeiture is open contempt of the Fourth Amendment. It needs to end now.



MJ: Way to go, Alexandria Police Department. This fuels distrust of your department and of law enforcement in general, in case no one ever told you. At the very least, this employee who was testing the speedometers incorrectly should be fired. And as the article notes, it’s all about the money…not about public safety.

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