War on Cars Watch for November 6, 2019

The War on Cars Watch is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. The War on Cars Watch focuses on road diets, traffic calming and programs such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets as well as studies, court cases, and other news that affect motorists.  

Special commentary from NMA California Member Michael Jabbra is notated with an MJ: designation and all other comments are those of Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director and editor/curator of this blog. 

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War on Car Watch Stories of the Week

Here are some additional stories with comments about the NYTimes investigation.

National War on Car Watch Stories

MJ: Drivers, it isn’t a good idea to drive with a suspended or revoked license. That really is asking for attention from the police. However, it’s also true that revoking licenses is a tactic used for punishment for crimes that do not involve driving. State governments can do better than this. Depending on the crime, fines or community service would be two alternatives. Of course, for crimes that do involve driving (such as driving under the influence), suspending or revoking licenses would be appropriate.

International War on Car Watch Stories


Regional and Local War on Car Watch Stories


MJ: Yay, Los Angeles. God forbid that someone living downtown might want an assigned parking place within his/her residence for his/her vehicle. Granted that a downtown resident may well be able to walk or take public transit for short trips; however, such a resident might also want a vehicle for longer trips. This seems to be a case of urban planners and lazy developers scheming together – the urban planners for their mindless utopianism that ignores the needs and desires of people other than themselves, and the lazy developers not wanting to spend the extra money and time to include parking in the buildings they construct.

District of Columbia










New York

MJ: Hypocrisy and politicians go together like peanut butter and jelly.


MJ: Clearly none of these lawmakers are parents. Most parents are eager for their children to learn to drive, even if they are anxious at first. No more shuttling the kids around!

MJ: Another case of greedy public officials using traffic enforcement not for safety, but for grabbing more cash. Shame on that chief for punishing his lieutenant for doing the right thing.




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