War on Cars Watch for June 12, 2019

Welcome to the War on Cars Watch, a weekly blog to bring together all the stories that affect motorists with regards to street planning such as road diets, and traffic calming as well as programs such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets.

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NMA Communications Director Shelia Dunn compiles the list, with commentary from NMA Member Michael Jabbra (marked with an MJ). NMA Foundation Executive Director James C. Walker gives us his considerable wisdom at the end of this week’s list.

Information from June 5-June 11, 2019


MJ: Sigh…another article portraying law enforcement as inherently racist. And of course, you’re supposed to believe that all law enforcement officers are whites. Maybe that’s still true of some small towns in the Midwest; it sure isn’t true of big city police forces. Broadly speaking, the best way to reduce law enforcement interactions with the public is to reduce the number of laws that law enforcement agencies are expected to enforce. Ending the drug war and its bastard offspring, civil asset forfeiture, would be a good place to start.

MJ: This is a good list of websites.

Mobility as a Service or MaaS


MJ: This article conveniently forgot to mention the unpopularity of French President Macron and his En Marche party. Taking away all those parking spaces might bring out the “yellow jacket” protesters again.


MJ: If most Californians are in favor of this, then why did lots of people complain about SB 50? How skewed was this poll?

In a larger sense, many people would like to have a short commute. However, many people also like living in single family dwellings. They like their neighborhoods as they are; that’s why they chose to live there. This seems to be hard for virtue-signaling politicians to grasp. Again, don’t punish. Just provide good mass transit, get out of the way of ride-share services, let more people have home-based businesses, and the traffic and emissions will take care of themselves.

District of Columbia









New York

MJ: This one is really Big Brother. More surveillance, more spying, more punishment of business and private drivers – and more money for politician salaries and pensions. It’s highly unlikely that any of this money will be used to improve roads and mass transit. Virtue signaling and grabbing more money are the favorite pastimes of most politicians.

North Carolina


Rhode Island



Washington State


Commentary from NMA Foundation Executive Director James C. Walker

E15 is too high a % of ethanol for many engines; it is best to avoid it.

Finding ways to reduce the total quantity of traffic stops including posting realistic 85th percentile speed limits to decriminalize millions of safe drivers is an important way to reduce discrimination & profiling – and the tremendous racial problems it causes all of our society.

State rules on the use of powered scooters would help make their use more predictable.

If Chicago’s new Mayor Lightfoot actually eliminates “red-light cameras that do not have a safety purpose,” there won’t be any red-light cameras in the Windy City. This would be an excellent, though unlikely, scenario.

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