War on Cars Watch for July 31, 2019

Welcome to the War on Cars Watch, a weekly blog to bring together all the stories that affect motorists with regards to street planning such as road diets, and traffic calming as well as programs such as Vision Zero and Complete Streets.

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NMA Communications Director Shelia Dunn compiles the list and NMA Foundation Executive Director James C. Walker gives us his considerable wisdom at the end of this week’s list.

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Information from July 18 – July 30, 2019


Mobility as a Service or MaaS National Focus












New Jersey

New York



Oregon and Washington State




Washington State


Commentary from NMA Foundation Executive Director James C. Walker

Driving While Black and other forms of discriminatory profiling indeed are a very serious problem in America.

A MAJOR and easy change to reduce the problem would be to set proper 85th percentile speed limits on almost all collector, arterial, highway and freeway roadways.  When posted limits are often set 10 or more mph below the safest 85th percentile levels for political, revenue, or false-safety reasons, it gives officers far too many excuses to make traffic stops that would be reduced if the speed limits were not improperly to define most safe drivers as in violation.  For a serious scholarly look at this issue, check out “Ruling Out The Rule of Law” by Kim Forde-Mazrui.

I’ve seen two studies showing older drivers have lower crash rates than either working age adults or young drivers.  So why do some insurance companies increase rates for older drivers?  It is an issue that needs more research and reporting.

For places like Rutledge, the “Your Speed Is XX” signs are often as effective as speed humps without causing problems for emergency vehicles and people in cars with medical conditions.

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