War on Cars Watch for August 14, 2019

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Information from August 7-13, 2019


5 Years after Ferguson, Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Have Gotten Worse

GM wins victory in ignition switch defect lawsuits

What New Research Says About Race and Police Shootings

Gas War: Efficiency Rollback Would Raise Fuel Costs, Study Claims

Auto Industry: Zero Traffic Fatalities an ‘Audacious’ But Doable Goal (Vision Zero Watch)

These 5 Cars Receive the Most Speeding Tickets

NHTSA study shows motorcyclists are reluctant to wear high-visibility gear

Viewpoint: Why Speed Kills Cities (War on Cars Watch)

To combat climate change, cities need to tackle sprawl (War on Cars Watch)


Perth, Australia gets on board with “naked roads” (War on Cars Watch)

Germany: Why Berlin’s Approach to Car Bans Is a Little Different

Drivers’ group calls London’s Vision Zero safety project a ‘fantasy’ (Vision Zero Watch)

UK: New cars ‘can be broken into in 10 seconds’

Mobility as a Service or MaaS National and International Headlines

U.S. Uneasy Fit for Shared, Multi-Modal Mobility

Between Cars and Micromobility Lies “Minimobility” – A Self-Driving Transportation Revolution

Higher Prices Threaten Silicon Valley’s Mobility Revolution

Report: rise of car-sharing will roil automotive industry

A new look at the early form of car-sharing

Viewpoint: Are Shared E-Scooters Good for the Planet? Only If They Replace Car Trips (War on Cars Watch)

For Struggling Legacy Transit Systems, New Mobility Options Present Challenges and Opportunities

Opinion: Why ride-hailing technology needn’t leave regulators in the dark

Lyft Says There’s a ‘Secular Shift’ Away from Owning Cars, But Evidence Is Mixed

Uber Wants to Sell You Train Tickets. And Be Your Bus Service, Too.

Uber Improves ‘Safety Culture’ in Aftermath of Fatal AV Accident

Can Uber and Lyft ever be profitable?

Uber is a Slow-Motion Tragedy

Colombia fines Uber more than $629,000 for obstructing regulatory visit


Amazon’s Scout delivery robots roll out in Southern California

Viewpoint: Los Angeles Adopts People-Centered Transportation Metric: “VMT” In, “Level of Service or LOS” Out (War on Cars Watch)

Long Beach, CA: Police data shows collisions, calls for service on Broadway Corridor (recently Road-Dieted) have spiked since May (War on Cars Watch)

Meeting on Proposed Metro Bus Line Again Draws Crowds — This Time in Glendale, CA (Video Report)

Viewpoint: Vocal Anti-BRT Sentiment Dominated Metro Input Meeting in Northridge, CA (San Fernando Valley) (War on Cars Watch)

San Diego cracking down on Segways to curb injury payouts

Uber and Lyft traffic impacts double San Francisco’s own estimates

Lyft Hit with $200,000 Penalty for Shortage of Shared Bikes in San Francisco

The things you learn to hate about owning a car in San Francisco–Slideshow (War on Cars Watch)


Denver Public Works Wants to Ban Scooter Riders from Sidewalks

City Of Denver to Make Adjustments to Electric Scooter Plan after Death

Denver to reduce speed limits on five streets in effort to improve safety (Vision Zero Watch)

Speed Limit Reduction Planned in Denver as Part of Vision Zero Goal (Vision Zero Watch)

District of Columbia

Shared Motor-Scooters Coming to D.C.

Uber and Lyft say yes, they are making traffic in DC worse

D.C. is finalizing recommendations for traffic calming in the city’s westernmost area

First bikes, then scooters, now mopeds. Next up: Trikes and e-cargo bikes.


Georgia Man issued ticket for listing P.O. Box on driver’s license even though that’s legal

Atlanta appears to lead nation in e-scooter-related fatalities

Atlanta mayor imposes nighttime e-scooter and e-bike ban, effective Friday


Iowa City property owners concerned over bike lane proposal (Video Report)


Maryland: Prince George’s County police chief ends unauthorized incentive program


Your Car Talks to the Manufacturer. Massachusetts Advocates Want It to Talk To You, Too (Right to Repair)

Traffic congestion has reached a ‘tipping point’ in Massachusetts, state officials say

Uber/Lyft Admit Responsibility for a Significant Share of Boston’s Traffic


Is there a solution for the buses vs. box blockers bottleneck in downtown Minneapolis?

The War on Drive Thrus Has Begun in Minneapolis

New York

Major Traffic Experiment in NYC: Cars All but Banned on Major Street

NYCDOT moving forward with protected bike lane in Brooklyn after cyclist deaths

Amid spike in cyclist deaths in NYC, DOT accelerates Fourth Avenue bike lane plans

New York City extends its cap on new Uber and Lyft vehicles

New York City has a plan to make biking safer—but does it go far enough? (War on Cars Watch)

14th Street busway plan threatens safety on side streets, NYC council speaker Corey Johnson says


Lawsuit filed against Oklahoma medical marijuana law regarding traffic stops

Oregon & Washington State

Inside the abrupt shutdown of BMW’s ReachNow car-sharing service in Seattle and Portland


Portland, OR: New bus-only lanes coming to NW Everett

South Carolina

A behind-the-scenes look at efforts to lower SC’s high pedestrian fatality rate (Complete Streets Watch)

Washington State

Seattle transportation officials experiment with ride-hailing to fill transit gaps


Milwaukee declines applications from additional electric scooter companies

Stevens Point, WI Editorial: Stanley St. Road Diet Project has does immeasurable damage to civic engagement

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