They’re After New Hampshire

By James Baxter, NMA President

New Hampshire has been a thorn in the side of the command and control safety establishment for decades. Since the 1970’s the safety commandos have preached that mandatory seat belt laws and seat belt use will prevent the decimation of Western Civilization as we know it.

Using the incremental approach, starting with belt and car seat mandates for children and patiently proceeding through secondary enforcement for adults, higher fines, primary enforcement, still higher fines, jail for recalcitrant parents, and seatbelt roadblocks, they are close to achieving their dream, a 100 percent belted America.

Then there’s that unfinished business; New Hampshire, a state with no belt law, not even a secondary enforcement version. Doubly maddening is the state’s consistent ranking as one of the safest in the nation when it comes to highway fatalities.

It’s not that New Hampshire drivers and passengers universally shun seat belts, they don’t. Reportedly, 70 percent of the driving/passenger population regularly wears seat belts. The annoying thing is that they do this without being threatened with arrest and subsequent penalties.

State authorities are even denied the pleasure of plastering the roadsides with “click it or ticket” signs. This runs counter to the preferred authoritarian approach favored by safety advocates the world round.

The residents of New Hampshire have held on, defied the odds, and remained free of belt laws. But, the land of “Live Free or Die” is under insidious siege. It is being smothered by immigrants and its principles are being diluted down to the common denominator of “if it brings another buck to government coffers let’s do it.” No, it’s not Mexicans, Russians, or Nigerians, not even Canadians, it’s the refugees from Massachusetts!

Taxed and regulated to death, those that could have left the land of the Kennedys and the “Big Dig.” They pushed into New Hampshire for sanctuary and now they have taken over state government. As so often happens, the immigrants seem to forget why they left the fatherland in the first place and set out to make their new home just as oppressive as the one they left.

Maybe, just maybe, whatever it is in the water in New Hampshire that has kept the state defiantly free, until now, will begin to work on the minds of the newcomers and cause them to shed their old ways. However, if they stick to bottled water we, as a nation, will lose the shining example that proves human beings do not have to be commanded, coerced, and punished to act in their own best interests. New Hampshire’s new motto will become “Nanny Government Knows Best.”

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