Roundup: December 26, 2012

Each Wednesday, we’ll publish quick summaries of the articles from the last week on We’re doing this because these articles are often strongly connected to the issues that National Motorists Association members are interested in.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
North Carolina: Driving While Nervous is Not a Crime
The second-highest court in North Carolina last week ruled police had no business stopping a car because its occupants appeared to be driving while nervous. On April 15, 2011, a pair of Sampson County sheriff’s deputies were running a speed trap on Interstate 40 when they noticed a green minivan. Corporal Bass and Pope each testified the vehicle slowed from 73 MPH to 65 MPH in the 70 MPH zone and that the driver and passenger stared straight ahead and “appeared nervous” as they passed.

Monday, December 24, 2012
Utah: Traffic Stop Valid Even When Cop Causes Violation
A police officer can pull over a motorist for a traffic violation even if the officer himself caused the driver to commit the infraction, a federal judge ruled last Tuesday. US District Judge Ted Stewart made the decision in the case of Hickory W. McCoy, who was pulled over on January 24, 2012 while traveling just under the speed limit in the left lane of Interstate 80 in Utah.

Sunday, December 23, 2012
Colombia, Italy: Speed Cameras Under Fire
Vigilantes shot a speed camera two weeks ago in Quindio, Colombia. The automated ticketing machine on the via Chaguala in Calarca. The device has been controversial since its installation in October, as residents have complained of receiving tickets for vehicles they did not own.

Friday, December 21, 2012
California: Benefit of Longer Yellow Proves Lasting
Public officials and the photo enforcement industry argue the benefits of lengthening yellow lights is temporary. Municipalities that use red-light cameras for the most part are highly reluctant to increase the amount of yellow warning time at an intersection, citing the theory that motorists “adapt” to the longer yellow, encouraging even more red light running. New data from Fremont, California suggests the reduction in red light running violations from longer yellows is lasting.

Thursday, December 20, 2012
California City Fails to Pay Red Light Camera Bill
San Bernardino, California is finally free of red-light cameras. The city found the way out from under the contract that had tied unwilling city council members to photo ticketing vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS). A declaration of bankruptcy helped officials move beyond the agreement that was not set to expire until July 2014. San Bernardino revealed the news in an email sent yesterday in response to a routine public information request filed by the website.

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