Roundup: August 13, 2018

In this week’s Roundup!

*Dallas, Texas School Bus Camera Scandal takes down Politician

*Ohio AG defends Anti-Speed Camera Law

*Florida Jury Trial set for case of Traffic Cam Fees

Friday, August 10, 2018
Texas: School Bus Camera Scandal Takes Down Politician
The ongoing bribery scandal involving school bus cameras in Dallas, Texas, has claimed another victim. City councilman Dwaine Caraway on Thursday told US District Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn that he was guilty of participating in a photo enforcement conspiracy. The scheme has already taken down former Dallas County Schools superintendent Ricky Dale Sorrells, real estate developer Slater Washburn Swartwood Sr and the entire Dallas County Schools organization, which was shut down by the voters.

Thursday, August 9, 2018
Ohio Attorney General Defends Anti-Speed Camera Law
Ohio Attorney General Michael DeWine has sent a team to a Lucas County courthouse to defend the legislature’s attempt to impose some limits on the use of speed cameras. The General Assembly enacted House Bill 64 in 2015, which cut funding to municipalities in an amount equal to the revenue generated from photo tickets, but only if those cities refused to implement a handful of minor reforms. In court filings Tuesday, the city of Toledo insisted it had the right to do whatever it pleases when it comes to speed cameras. Not so, DeWine’s office countered.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018
Florida: Jury Trial Set In Case Against Florida Traffic Camera Fees
A federal jury may have the opportunity to decide whether American Traffic Solutions (ATS, now Verra Mobility) has been illegally tacking on fees to red-light camera tickets in Florida. US District Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks on Monday set a tentative March 19 date for a trial in the case against the Arizona company over the imposition of fees that were never authorized by the legislature.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Wisconsin Court Decides Fate Of 1938 Talbot Lago
The fate of a $7 million car stolen 17 years ago is about to be resolved. The rare 1938 Talbot Lago T150-C SS Teardrop Coupe was stolen from the Milwaukee garage of its owner, Roy Leiske, on March 4, 2001, and his family wants it back. Rick Workman, a respected classic car collector, had purchased the missing Talbot Lago in Europe without realizing it was stolen. The state Court of Appeals last month sided with the claim made by the original owner’s family.

Monday, August 6, 2018
France: Speed Camera Attacks Quadruple
The French government’s decision to lower the speed limit on departmental roads to 80km/h (50 MPH) last month has more than doubled the number of photo tickets issued compared to July 2017. According to Europe 1, this move has come at the cost of a quadrupling in the number of automated ticketing machines that have been spraypainted, set on fire or otherwise disabled. A total of 400 cameras were taken out of service last month.

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