Grassroots Effort Needed to Stop PASS Act

By Gary Biller, NMA Executive Director

The failed Real ID Act of 2005 would have instituted a national ID system. The U.S. Senate is currently taking up a review of the PASS Act, S. 1261, which is a national ID system. PASS is touted as solving some of the issues of REAL ID, but it continues to raise very serious privacy questions for Americans.

The state driver’s license is at the heart of PASS, as it was with REAL ID. Information from states would be shared on a massive scale, creating a national database of information on individual Americans.

The National Motorists Association has long held that the driver license should not be used as a general identification instrument.

Having a single national I.D. card/number is an invitation to fraud, theft, and the loss of personal security and individual privacy. It will also exacerbate corporate and government abuse of private citizens.

An excellent overview of the implications of the PASS Act are provided by Jim Harper of The Cato Insitute here. His conclusion:

Does PASS ID address “most of the major privacy and security concerns with REAL ID”? Not even close. PASS ID is a national ID, with all the privacy consequences that go with that.

From the American Policy Center:

Congress is trying a new flimflam to trick Americans into supporting an International ID and a total surveillance society.

Now they are pretending to REPEAL the REAL ID Act and replace it with the PASS Act (S.1261).

The REAL ID Act, passed in 2005 under the excuse that it would help protect us from terrorists and illegal immigrants, is tied directly to International ID biometric data banks, allowing constant surveillance of every American, no matter where they are. More than 20 states have refused to comply because it is an invasion of personal privacy.

Americans have told Congress repeatedly that we do not want to trade away our liberty for security.

Americans have told Congress repeatedly that we oppose REAL ID and any kind of government issued national or International ID Card.

And Americans have told Congress repeatedly that we do not want to be enrolled in any kind of Biometric Identification System.

That has not changed.

Now, Congress is rushing to replace REAL ID with the PASS Act – pretending that they are answering the voice of the people. It’s a lie!

From Liberty Maven:

The PASS Act is a fraud. PASS ID is REAL ID by another name.

The American people have rejected the REAL ID Act, and the national ID card it would create. The politicians claim they can fix REAL ID by replacing it with something called the PASS ID, to be enacted by the PASS Act, S. 1261.

Even as this is posted, the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee is holding a hearing to review the Real ID Act of 2005, which will undoubtedly turn into a discussion of the efficacy of the PASS ID Act.

If you are concerned about the negative impact that a national ID system will have on individual privacy and freedom, make your voice heard. Time is of the essence.

Senator Joe Lieberman is chairing the hearing. Here are the other members of the committee, along with their phone numbers:

Senator Lieberman – Chairman: (202) 224-4041
Senator Collins: (202) 224-2523
Senator Akaka: (202) 224-6361
Senator Bennet: (202) 224-5852
Senator Burris: (202) 224-2854
Senator Carper: (202) 224-2441
Senator Coburn: (202) 224-5754
Senator Ensign: (202) 224-6244
Senator Graham: (202) 224-5972
Senator Landrieu: (202) 224-5824
Senator Levin: (202) 224-6221
Senator McCain: (202) 224-2235
Senator McCaskill: (202) 224-6154
Senator Pryor: (202) 224-2353
Senator Tester : (202) 224-2644
Senator Voinovich: (202) 224-3353

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