Spotting illegal speed limits in Connecticut

Connecticut is probably the easiest state to find out if a speed limit is legal. The DOT isn’t good at setting speed limits, but does a good job of publishing them.

Here is the list of every speed limit in the state:

If the road isn’t on the list, the speed limit is 55. Very simple. Towns can’t post speed limits without a state permit. Without a permit, the speed limit sign doesn’t count. Without a sign, the state 55 mph speed limit applies.

On a typical town road you are under the state speed limit.

I know some of you aren’t. I’ve been a passenger going 85 on a back road. But most of the time the sign says 25 and you’re going 35-40 like everybody else does until you win the reverse lottery.

In that case an illegal sign is a get out of jail free card. I was driving 40 in a 55 zone, your honor.

I was happy to see the list go online. Massachusetts has strongly resisted making its speed limit regulation database available to the public. Possibly not coincidentally, Massachusetts also has a much bigger problem with illegal speed limit signs.

Most signs are on that list. But it’s so easy to check and make sure. I’ve spotted several illegal limits already.

(An aside: Notice the & and numbers in the link to the DOT site? That looks like the kind of URL that is going to break the next time the DOT has a consultant redesign its web site.)

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