City Of Scottsdale, Arizona Lies To Drivers To Get Their Money

Anyone who has the misfortune of having to drive in Scottsdale, Arizona should read this story from the Phoenix New Times. Here’s an excerpt:

Here’s one way to get people to pay their photo enforcement tickets or waive their right to proper service: Lie.

That’s what the Scottsdale City Court does in tickets generated from its municipal system, which operates speed and red light cameras.


The evidence that Scottsdale is telling a whopper to scare violators into compliance came to us recently on a red light camera ticket obtained from a fellow New Times employee. […]

At the top of the ticket, the summons reads:

If you fail to appear or respond as directed in this complaint, you will be subject to personal service of this Complaint and Summons and the cost of personal service will be assessed to you.

So far so good. But don’t worry about the “cost of personal service,” because it’s only about $25 if they catch you. If the servers don’t find you, and if you don’t waive your rights, the ticket will be dismissed from the court system and you’ll pay nothing. But not according to Scottsdale. The summons continues with:

In addition, you will be subject to a default judgment, the assessment of a fine, surcharge and fees, and the suspension of your driver’s license.

That, dear readers, is a bald-faced lie.

The “in addition” part not-so-slyly tries to connect the part about suspended driver’s license to the “if you fail to appear or respond” verbiage. Don’t fall for it.

Check out the rest of the story here. Also, you can read the followup story here.

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6 Responses to “City Of Scottsdale, Arizona Lies To Drivers To Get Their Money”

  1. Scottsdale says:

    So many Scottsdale people don't respond to the tickets because after a while they just dismiss the ticket!

  2. Mike says:

    I received a "notice of violation" for my Mass.-registered car speeding on Pima Rd. in Scottsdale in January. Asking me to identify driver and send in copy of my license, while returning their form entitled "affidavit of non-responsibility." It is certainly me in their photo of the car. I went to their violations website and it seems the locations are all tied to being close to schools and/or in school zones. Violation was at 8:30 pm. It doesn't seem that speeding charge of 56 in a 45 speed limit zone would be able to hold up because school would not have been in session. In any case, advice here seems to be not to respond. If I send in my license copy, I think they will then send me a citation, even though the notice to me states: "No further action will be required by you." Very puzzling and when I called their toll-free number, the clerk was not able to give me a straight answer as to whether I would be cited and fined. Any advice? Should I stonewall? I'm traveling, so it would be plausible that I did not receive their notice of violation in timely manner.

  3. Aaron says:

    So I'm noticing an odd pattern. I got nailed on SB Scottsdale, turning onto eastbound shea. Just like the ticket that goes with this article. Just like another person I found online. And it seems like, in all cases, we entered the intersection on yellow (in my photo, the rear of my vehicle is well past the lines when the light has been red for .3 seconds, and my clocked speed? 17 mph.) These tickets are bullshit, plain and simple, and shame on the city of Scottsdale for trying to bully people into paying them.

  4. Did I Tweet That says:

    Wait a minute, are you telling me that Law Enforcement and/or their duly appointed CORPORATE representatives might lie? NEVER.

    Never twice in less than 1 second that is.