School Is Never Out For Speed Cameras

A popular way for ticket camera manufacturers to “get their foot in door” and quiet opposition of speed cameras in a city is to mention that the cameras will be installed in school zones. After all, what politician wants to be seen as being against “improving” the safety of children?

What the ticket camera companies fail to mention is that they intend to use the school zone cameras to make it easier to push them through everywhere else later. They also don’t mention that many of these school zone speed cameras are in use 24/7, 365 days a year — even if school isn’t.

As points out, that’s what has been happening in Montgomery County, Maryland:

Some speed cameras in Montgomery County, Md., are snapping pictures and issuing tickets in school zones — even though classes have been out for more than a month.

Every time a speed camera flashes, someone gets a $40 speeding ticket in the 25 mph school zone in front of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School.

Michele Rosen of Silver Spring received a traffic-camera ticket on a recent Saturday. She plans to appeal. […]

Rosen believes the reduced speed zone is not well marked.  She questions the need for the lower speed limit when school is not in session.

Apparently she wasn’t the only one who was upset with this scheme:

There has been some grumbling about “after hours” use of school zone cameras and some changes are about to happen.

“The laws for speed cameras will change as of October 1,” said Lucille Baur, a spokesperson for Montgomery County Police.

Well, at least they eventually did the right thing. But wait a minute, what’s this:

Baur said the operational hours for speed cams in school zones will be reduced to Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  The new hours will be put in place throughout the year, whether or not school is in session.

I guess some people never learn.

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16 Responses to “School Is Never Out For Speed Cameras”

  1. Randall says:

    That is ridiculous. I hate it here in MD. I wish i could afford to move somewhere else. The legislatures are so corrupt in this state it isn't even funny.

    Also come October the counties and cities get to vote on whether or not they want speed cameras in their area in MD. The cameras can be placed in work or school zones WITHIN A HALF MILE RADIUS!!!

    • Randy says:

      makes sens to me Randall. If there are a lot of kids that are walking to school they are doing it in a half mile radius minimum. I guess you say they are fair game if they are not directly in front of the school. As for having it year round, I doubt it unless they are a school that have summer classes which is very possible and why they might be allowed to have such a law. I would doubt if they would have it for when no children would be going to and from school because it would be very easily over turned by groups of people going to the city meetings and complaining. I would bet that would work but if not the juge would let it off. Go through channels and things get done.

    • Randall says:

      Oh what about the children! Woe is the children! If this is such a problem where's all the news stories about children being hit by cars on their way to school? I see more stories about school bus crashes so don't tell me it's about safety.

      obviously Randy you don't know how the state of maryland works. They do what they want when they want. They don't care about their citizens, all they want is money so they can spend it. All MD does is take take take. It wouldnt surprise me if we were more corrupt than New Jersey. I'm still wondering when the federal government will investigate the state of maryland. i guess it will never happen.

      Overturn? overturn the law? ha ha ha. Though there are people that r trying to get rid of this law, unfortunately it will prolly take 2 to 3 years a $5 million or more in revenue before enough people get pissed enough.

      Montgomery county has had these cameras for 3 years now. Guess what theyre sill here charging people $40 for exceeding the limit. Also they are paying the ticketing company per ticket which under the law is illegal! This is all revenue generation, nothing to do with safety. Not to mention you don't even know where or when you commited the offense so how are u suppose to defend yourself?

      Trust me Randy if you actually read the law that was passed this year you would notice all kinds of constitutional questions.

      BTW the cameras will be running 24/7 clicking away. It don't matter if school is in session or not. The bill should have failed and almost did but was somehow brought back up again near the end of the 2009 session and somehow revived! Not to mention our good ole' governor O'Money got paid off by the camera company to try and get this passed! Oh wait I mean campaign contributions, yeah that's it, lol.


    • Randy says:

      Randall deaths happen all the time to pedestrians. Only the terrific accidents involving 40 kids make the headlines. If a kid gets killed it may make a local paper but if a bus accident happens causing many deaths it will be in every paper and news progam there is. Makes you want to think why the people in the bus were more important. What are there something like 40,000 deaths from vehicles and a thousand or two by hit pedestrians. How many papers would it take to include all of those? Sometimes you guys do not have a clue. As for cameras going off 24 hours a day may be because there is no way to shut them off during certain hours but it does not mean a ticket has to be given. There was an idiot on this site that said the camera flashed at him and he was legal. We never did here him getting a ticket though. It still goes back to the idiots that are above the law and 20 mph over the limit is fine to them. That is wherre the deaths come from. Drive safe and there will never be cameras. Who would put up any cameras when it cost so much to put up and zero income and zero violations and zero need in the first place. From what the law stated here that I remember was to give the ability to put up cameras in certain areas it did not say they are required or that they would be put up all over.

      If in fact people are getting tickets after 10 pm at night and they put up enough fuss during city counsel meetings something would happen. You guys are too ignorant to think that way though and would rather sit back and complain between yourselves.

    • Randall says:

      Randy kids are not getting hit all the time. The only time I hear about pedestrians getting hit by cars is in Ocean City, MD and they are usually drunk and jay walking. People don't fly down our back roads do 50 in a 25. they may do 30 or 35 big whoop. We EVEN HAVE CROSSING GUARDS FOR THE CHILDREN!

      But there is so many schools in my area you could put a camera on 99% of the streets here.

      You could even put them on the highway if the school was .5 miles away. Where there are no pedestrians.

      Also they are allowed in work zones whether there are workers there or not. people are always doing 60 70 mph on the highway. We are just gonna give tickets to everyone? Who is checking these radar guns to make sure they are accurate every time a car passes?

      Not to mention you can't even face your accuser in court and the ticket goes to the owner of the vehicle rather than the offender.

      We can still stop it on a local level but its just gonna create confusion and anger towards the government. as you go from one jurisdiction to the next it will be different.

      i'd like to say more, but i gotta go now to see AC/DC in NY peace

    • Randy says:

      Randall your ignorance of facts does not help anyone. Go and do an internet search for "pedestrians killed" and do some reading then you might be able to speak with facts.
      here is an example

      I would guess there are already signs posted that change the speed in certain areas. Is that a fact or not and if there are do you or any of your friends fly by 20 mph above that speed? If you do then that is why you get to have cameras.

    • Randy says:

      Randall if you say that 35 mph in a 25 mph school zone is no big deal you do not undterstand stopping distance and reaction time. If a lot of people are driving 35 mph then something needed to be done. I try to stay under 35 mph in a 30 mph non school zone. If as you say a lot are going 35 mph and some must be higher then, it is pretty easy to see why they are going to cameras. If I heard someone was driving that fast all the time and killed a kid of mine in a school zone who would I go after first? Would it be you that drives at a more dangerous speed around my kid or would it be the government for not doing anything about you and others?

    • Randall says:

      Randy that's NYC! That's comparing apples and oranges in my area. How many of those pedestrians were kids? How many of them were in school zones? How many of them were drunk? How many of them were killed because of some crazy driver driving onto a sidewalk and killing people? How many times were the pedestrians themselves the cause because they were jaywalking and not using a crosswalk? Just telling me 100 pedestrians died in NYC last year tells me nothing except that 100 pedestrians were killed. Not to mention how many of the drivers were following the speed limit and the laws? How many were not? Not to mention for having, what is it 10 million people in NYC, only 100 got killed? They should be happy it wasn't more. I would say its pretty safe. You can't stop everything.

      Surely you can give me a better website with statistics than that one.

      I don't know how many times i have to tell you that I don't condone exceeding the speed limit on back roads by more than 10mph. Doing 20 over in a school is horrible, but if you want to stop it put a police officer there.

      Not to mention I've seen school zones as low as 15mph and as high as 35 or even 40 mph! So my question is if it is soooo damn dangerous in a school zone why is there 35 mph school zones? whay are they not all 15 mph.

      But they largest beef is not that they are putting them in the school zones it's that fact that you can put them anywhere within 1/2 mile radius from the school which in MY area is 99% of the roads. That would probably be 100% of Baltimore city.

      I just disagree with cameras enforcing laws rather than people. I disagree with cameras being put in areas up to .5 mile from the school. They should be in the school zone not away from them. I also disagree with speed camera in work zones during off hours when there is no workers there.

      These are the things i disagree with.

      And to answer your question. If i hit and killed your kid in the school zone. I would be in jail. You would have a lawsuit on me. And then you would be one of those whiny parents that go to the legislature and make the law changed so that the speed limit is 5 mph in a school zone. And of course they would pass it because it's a feel good law and after all we all want to protect the children. But just because we're trying to protect the children doesn't mean it's a good law.

      People act like accidents shouldn't happen but that's just life you cant prevent or a avoid everything and anything. No matter how much enforcement or regulation there will always be freak accidents and accidents.

    • Randy says:

      Randal you are just plain wrong. All accidents do not just happen. You are one of those that say let me do what I want, drive as fast as I want, driink heavily and drive and when I kill someone then you can think about doing something to me but otherwise let me drive as dangerously as I care to. I have never seen 40 mph school zones but I would imagine school zones are dependent on conditions as other speed zones. A 15 mph may be correct if there are hundreds of kids that cross the streets at a time and there are a lot of cars affecting visibility. Of course you say that they should not stop you unless you are driving 35 mph under that case. That is just plain wrong. If you do not think there are any kids run over in your state then you are an idiot with a capital I

      Accidents should try to be cut down and that is done with speed limits and stiff drunk driving laws. I do not care if an accident happens if everything was done to try to reduce those numbers but as you say we should not have any limits at all for school zones. You do not follow the limits anyway so why have any. Just hang the person that either hits a kid or comes close to hitting them.

      Do you eat right or exercise or walk carefully on ice or not jump off a 2 story building to help prevent getting your health hurt or bodily injury or do you say it just does not matter and do whatever things that are declared as bad for you?

    • Randy says:

      Randal to answer your question why let them have cameras up to a half a mile away that is pretty easy. What if there is a major housing complex .45 miles from the school? Kill those kids you say because the limit should be only .1 miles. Speak with some facts and you will be credible. A law saying cameras can be placed up to a half mile from school does not mean it will happen. The law says that it is legal to do so when needed. You are an idiot if you think hundreds of cameras will be put up in your state and one on every street block.

      The questions as to why cops are not placed all over where needed. Who is going to pay for that? If it was that cheap to do then it would have been done. One policeman can cover a fairly large town if cameras are added to help patrol the area.

  2. […] School Is Never Out For Speed Cameras A popular way for ticket camera manufacturers to “get their foot in door” and quiet opposition of speed cameras in a city is to mention that the cameras will be installed in school zones. After all, what politician wants to be seen as being against “improving” the safety of children? What the ticket camera companies fail to mention is that they intend to use the school zone cameras to make it easier to push them through everywhere else later. They also don’t mention that many of these school z […]

  3. Randall says:

    There, I found the statistic i wanted: On average, two school-aged pedestrians are killed every year during school arrival and dismissal times in the state of MD.

    Even that is not stating that it was in the school zone. So i can argue it's the not the school zones that are dangerous for kids. Clearly showing that there is no need for the cameras.

    Accidents are caused by negligent drivers, who are probably talking on the phone or texting BTW.

    • Randy says:

      Randall or idiot drivers that feel they can drive as fast as they like in school zones.

      I thought you said none were killed. You are an idiot. Cell phone and texting will also probably be outlawed. Some of the statistics that you quote probably were taken before people were texting and some of the statistics were before major cell phone use because they gave yearly averages.

      You forgot to mention the 150 injured per year along with the ones that are killed. I guess it does not matter to idiots. I can run over your legs so you can see how it feels.

    • Randy100 says:

      You are right Randall for once. 2 kids killed in a small area like that is not enough. Lets get that number up to about 10 to 15 or so. Dah. They are proabably killed by speeding through the school zones.

  4. rkastigar says:

    Speed cameras can be avoided.

    Just don't speed.

    • BajaK says:

      Anti speed activists in Philadelphia have, several times, driven side by side on some 25 MPH limit roads, thus blocking traffic the length of the road. Police soon put a stop to that.
      The road can be and is safely driven ten or twenty MPH above the posted limit, and police going the same ove- limit speeds do not pull anyone over —UNLESS they have other reasons, like, maybe, wrong political sticker on car, or "suspicious" racial minorities aboard, or whatnot.

      It seems that unjustifiably low speed limits are INTENDED to provide police excuse to pull over anyone they want, because everyone is over that speed limit. And that's "legal".

      Same deal for the usually idiotic and impossible "Stop dead at stop signs" laws. If everyone was to blindly OBEY, we'd all still be stuck in traffic getting to LAST Christmas (2010) family dinner. It would collapse the economies dependent on DISOBEYING traffic laws.

      Nice system, eh? Well, if so few care to pay affordable proportionate income taxes, and if so many support low or no taxes on corporate entities, this if but one taste of what we get to replace those revenues.

      And…WE are to obey often absurd traffic laws…but top Wall Street bankers etc can get out of jail free for hugely destructive violations, and top govt officials can violate solemn oaths of office and even violate US and International laws. How's that explained? Are THEIR cars booted and towed after three International Law violations? Nope. Not even a nominal fine.