Move Over, Slow Down, And Crash!

By NMA President, James Baxter A common act in our driving culture is to move left, as far as practical and necessary, to give a little extra room to vehicles that are stopped along side the road. It could be someone changing a tire, a police officer aiding or ticketing a motorist, or a tow […]

Attack Of The Red-Light Camera!

In Santa Cruz, California, a red-light camera has taken on a life of its own.  The camera, installed last month at an intersection near the mall, is suffering from a serious glitch. The camera has begun flashing sporadically, startling drivers and panicking others. According to Police Chief Richard Ehle, “it’s going nuts.” The camera, which […]

The World’s Worst Drivers

We all know what a bad driver is — someone who doesn’t drive the way we think he should! But let’s try to define our terms a bit more precisely. Who are the worst drivers out there? And why? Years of carefully conducted research have resulted in the identification of six major archetypes. Learn to […]

Fight Your Speeding Ticket With Simple Math

Many speeding tickets are issued as the result of motorists being clocked with devices that measure how fast a vehicle covers a known distance. Because some judges and district attorneys are not comfortable with mathematical calculations it is important for the well-prepared defendant to present mathematical based arguments in the simplest of terms. We will […]

How A Red Light Camera Ticket Can Damage Your Credit Without You Knowing It

An investigation by Fox 4 News in Dallas, Texas has turned up a story that is becoming more and more common as ticket cameras spread across the country. A Dallas man found the house of his dreams and was ready to buy, but his credit score came back as inadequate. Here’s the surprising reason why: […]

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