Red Light Camera Tickets Innocent Driver Yet Again

A recent news report in Baton Rouge, Louisiana gives yet another example of a red light camera ticketing an innocent driver and then leaving it up to the accused motorist to prove the ticket was undeserved. Here’s a quick overview of what happened: Troy Carter, a driver with a Louisiana license plate, received a red […]

Goodbye, Fifth Amendment

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Next time you get pulled over by a cop – or stopped at random in a “sobriety checkpoint” — you might want to remember the following laugh line: It’s called the Fifth Amendment to the Bill of Rights, which reads, in part, that “No person… shall be compelled in any […]

What Should Cities Do If 90% Of Drivers Exceed The Speed Limit?

According to an article on, a recent traffic study performed on Signal Mountain, Tennessee’s roads showed that more than 90% of drivers exceeded the posted speed limit. Can you guess what the city’s response was to this fact? If you guessed “let’s install speed cameras and ticket everybody,” then you’re absolutely right: Signal Mountain […]

Jericho, Arkansas: Pay Your Ticket Or Get Shot

There are many small-town speed traps across the country, but Jericho, Arkansas may be one of the most outrageous speed traps out there. A big reason why speed trap towns are able to stay in business for years is that they generally leave the locals alone. After all, if the tickets are going to out-of-towners, […]

10 Highlights Of The 2010 Model Year

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist The last time the car industry was on its knees — in the early 1980s — the cars were just as desperate as the times. Miserable K-cars — and four-cylinder Camaros. Five liter V-8s that made less power than modern 3 liter V-6s. Economy cars whose only virtue was they […]

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