St. Louis Aldermen Don’t Have To Worry About Paying Tickets

News stories like such as one from are infuriatingly common. Keep this in mind when you hear a city council enthusiastically praising the idea of installing ticket cameras. Here’s an excerpt: When the push to install red-light cameras came to City Hall in 2005, the Board of Aldermen enthusiastically backed the plan as a boon […]

City Of Scottsdale, Arizona Lies To Drivers To Get Their Money

Anyone who has the misfortune of having to drive in Scottsdale, Arizona should read this story from the Phoenix New Times. Here’s an excerpt: Here’s one way to get people to pay their photo enforcement tickets or waive their right to proper service: Lie. That’s what the Scottsdale City Court does in tickets generated from […]

Are Traffic Signs Dangerous?

A Duke University professor said Tuesday that U.S. highway fatalities are high because speed limits and stop signs have dumbed down and distracted American drivers. “Driving in America is annoying. And traffic signals are not just annoying, they are dangerous,” said John Staddon, who holds a doctorate in experimental psychology and is past editor of […]

Texas DOT Red-Light Camera Report Seriously Flawed

Guest Article by NMA Member, Greg Mauz “Analysis on the Effectiveness of Photographic Traffic Signal Enforcement Systems in Texas” contains more integrity problems than almost any report I have ever analyzed concerning red-light ticket cameras. Biases and conflicts of interest abound.  Texas DOT is blatantly pro-camera.  Their web site reads like a camera company sales […]

Is Your 4WD Vehicle Really 4WD?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist It says “4WD” on the tailgate — and there it is again on the list of standard or optionally available equipment. But is it really four-wheel-drive? Or just all-wheel-drive pretending to be something more than it really is? Increasingly, it’s the latter — most notably when it comes to the […]

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