Don’t Overreact To These Common Car Problems

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist If you’re not a mechanic — or mechanically inclined — when your car starts doing something “funny” it can be pretty scary. Sometimes, it’s something to worry about — but maybe not. How to know the difference? Here are a few commonly occurring problems that aren’t big deals — usually […]

How To Fight A Michigan Speeding Ticket

The Detroit News is in the middle of a series of articles on speed limits. One of their articlese, excerpted below, gives a good overview of how to fight a speeding ticket in Michigan: But motorists often lose their cases because they aren’t aware of a recently enacted state law that opens the door for […]

6 Dumb Traffic Laws That Should Be Repealed

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Just because it’s “the law” doesn’t mean it’s right — or even sensible — when it comes to traffic law, anyhow. While we may have no choice but to obey — or risk a ticket — that doesn’t make bad traffic laws any more worthy of our respect than the […]

Help Us Stop Short Yellow Lights

The National Motorists Association Foundation is organizing a national grassroots effort to publicize and discourage the practice of using traffic signals with short yellow durations as revenue generators at red light ticket camera intersections. The Stop Short Yellow Lights Project will prove how widespread and pervasive this practice is. What is the Stop Short Yellow […]

A “Reasonable And Prudent” Approach To Speed Limits

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist “Speeding” is one of those things that’s very much in the eye of the beholder — and the letter of the law. There is the legal definition: Traveling in excess of the posted maximum (whatever the number). Exceed the posted maximum and you may be ticketed for “speeding.” Very straightforward. […]

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