Don’t Fall For This Old Trick

At the NMA, we periodically get emails from people who have heard about a “foolproof system” for getting any traffic ticket dismissed and wonder if it’s legitimate.  These kind of schemes never work, but people are always looking for a magic bullet. This one in particular has proven popular over the years: This advice was […]

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Tires

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist You probably know tires are made of rubber — but how much more do you know? Here’s a run-through of some important tire-related terminology: 1) Aspect ratio This technical-sounding term refers to the relationship between the width of a tire and the height of the tire’s sidewall. High-performance “low profile” […]

Do Speeding Tickets Deter Drivers From Speeding?

The NMA has long held that drivers will travel at a speed that is reasonable to them regardless of the speed limit. With arbitrarily low speed limits in place across much of the country, it’s no surprise that the majority of drivers choose to travel above the speed limit. The response of government has always […]

Legislator Legislates A Faster Ride Home

Just in case you were living under the illusion that traffic laws are set by trained professionals (traffic engineers) and not politicians, here comes a story from that is sure to change your mind: Just one day after Kentucky’s new Secretary of Transportation, Joe Prather, assumed control of traffic issues in the state, the […]

Virginia’s “Abuser Fees” Get Dumped… For The Moment

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Sometimes, the frog leaps before he’s cooked. Remember the story about the frog and the pot of boiling water? So long as you raise the water temperature gradually, Mr. Frog doesn’t notice the increasing temperature until it’s too late too get away. The analogy is used to convey, in easy […]

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